The Tin Whistle Tutor

This book is a tutor for the CLARKE WHISTLE and the GENERATION FLAGEOLET. It is a complete method of instruction specially written for players with no previous knowledge of either music or “The Tin Whistle”. The student is taught to read both orthodox music and startlingly easy system of tablature which enables the beginner to, quite literally, “play in a day”. Commencing with carefully graded exercises and easy well-known melodies the student is led step by step towards a full command of the instrument. There are clear diagrams, note charts and instruction on ornamentation and entabulation. The music includes transcriptions of Irish and South American aires as played by such leading performers as The Chieftains, Planxty and Los Incas. This book treats the tin whistle for what it is – a humble but serious musical instrument.
A4 32 pages

Price: £6.95
ISBN: 978 0 906114  070