Fortune my Foe BRO127

– Goliard/Chris Brown and Andrew Geuter

Chris and Andrew joined together to form the group Goliard in 1975 and it was their mutual interest in Mediaeval music which brought them together.  The prime objective of Goliard’s performances was to achieve as authentic a sound as possible by following exactly the same pattern set by 12thC & 13thC  wandering musicians who had to construct their own instruments and develop theior own style of performance.  Includes:  Anonymous 13thC dance * Estampie Royale 13thC French * Vite Perdite – Peter of Blois (1135-1212) * Vinum Bonum cum Sapore a 12thC drinking song * Exul Ego Clericus a 12thC begging song * A Solis Ortu 9thC lament on the death of Charlemagne.  Footnote:  Fortune my Foe was a song which was sung at public hangings.

Price:  £18.00