Mrs. Raven has now retired, but mike raven’s music books and cds are still available and can be ordered by e-mail, eve raven

All Michael Raven’s Books are available direct only and should not nor cannot be ordered from Amazon. To order, please contact by:

Tel: 078 40 138 300

“People have been very kind about my tunes…………but I am just a cooking pot into which traditional ingredients have been poured, left to stew awhile, and then been served up as new dishes. New dishes, yes, but with a distinctly familiar flavour.

It is always my intention to make arrangements that are not only musically worthwhile but also technically easy and enjoyable to play. Most people don’t have the time, stamina or inclination to climb musical mountains.

The best advice you can give any musician in any style on any instrument is ‘bring your sight-reading up to scratch’. Guitarists, especially, reap rich harvests. Much of our music, though not difficult to play, is difficult to memorise. And don’t scorn the tablature; lutenists use it at the very highest level and I have seen guitarists ‘read the numbers’ with remarkable facility.”

Michael Raven